Carolina Durante

It seems incredible that it’s only been a few months since “La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes” saw the light for the first time. The introducing song to one of the most interesting Madrid-born bands in the last years, Carolina Durante. We cannot hide the pride that comes from being part of their story: to see how their concerts and singles sell out and observe how several generations come together to sing the songs that a group of friends have decided to gift us. Every review, every mention in social media, every compliment and every insult… to see what is happening with this band first hand is a real privilege.

Diego (voice), Martín (bass), Juan (drums) and Mario (guitar) have managed to return the guitars to the place where they never should have left: the young people.
Absolute hymns, portraits of a short- but intense life, told through lyrics, thrown at your faces, without complexes: in a high and understandable voice, reaching each and every one of us. It was about time for something like this to happen again in this city.

“The future rock will be whatever Carolina Durante will decide”. They are undeniably the band of this day and age, some of the most important songs of the year are signed by them, they are the leaders of a new movement. This is not a bad resumé for a band that’s barely one year old. – Mondo Sonoro.

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