Coque Malla

Coque Malla is the most chameleonic figure of the Spanish rock and roll scenery. He has proven this for the last thirty years. First with “Los Ronaldos”, an organic sound, associated to The Rolling Stones or Chuck Berry, later on with different genres, from pop to soul, to funk, to salsa, opening a world of possibilities.

And since 1999 he walks alone, without giving up his freshness and organic essence, whilst building a personal, ambitious and complex style.

For the album “Revolution?” he wanted to build a repertoire that contained all the musical genres, like Radiohead had achieved in their last record. According to Coque, that would be his starting point: “I wanted to mix great songs that I was writing, like “La señal” or “Me dejó marchar” -a sound similar to a classic Sinatra-, with what we had already incorporated, cords, a sound close to a soundtrack, but also danceable, electronic and noisy, a lot of guitar, although that has been more diluted.” He longed for an album that sounded current, modern and sophisticated.

Coque Malla will take “Revolution?” on stage “without complexes”, because the audience attends to listen to “songs, a story, an emotion, a melody, not the repairs” and, with the repertoire prepared, he announces that there will also be a lot of “Ronaldo” in reference to his debut album.

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