Crystal Fighters

The London-born band Crystal Fighters, is without a doubt one of the bands that sets the festival music trend. This, due to the success of their first two singles released in 2010, “Xtatic Truth” and “I Love London”, which had a clear breakthrough in the blogosphere.
They weren’t easy to label: Lo-fi tropical electro, electro-folk, folktronic? At the end, all three labels were accepted plus some additional ones. This mixture of genres didn’t only draw attention because of its peculiarity, but also because of their live performances served with an extra dose of euphoria and passion.

Among their variety of rhythms, we can identify an Ibizan House, with a hint of drum ‘n bass and we can see them releasing adrenaline (the band and the audience) with the txalaparta, a traditional Basque percussion.

At the end of that year, UK charts received them with open arms after releasing their debut album “Star Of Love”. They became number 10 on Top dance lists and 16 on Indie lists.

In May 2013 “Cave Rave” arrived. A project born in the Basque Country, a territory that had been a big inspiration to the sounds of their first album.
Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (producer of Beck, Air, M83 and Paramore, in addition to a Grammy nominee), this album changed the accent of its successor (which was more oriented towards an organic techno, ancestral and tribal, between psychedelic and folkloric) to emphasize a macro-festival and electronic pop.

Their audience multiplied in geometric progression, as well as their popularity. In 2016 they published their third LP, “Everything Is My Family”, with a more commercial sound to it, in comparison to the achievements of their previous work. In May 2018 they released the single “Boomin’ In Your Jeep”, and in September they released “Another Level”, soundtrack to the videogame FIFA 19.
This last track and “Goin’ Harder”, released in November and featured by the Colombian band Bomba Estéreo, became part of the EP “Hypnotic Sun”, launched also in November of that year. This project includes the aforementioned “Another Level” and “Goin’ Harder”, and also two versions of a new song; The first one being the electro-pop hymn “All My Love”, and the second one with an aura of future house featured by the British producer and DJ Feed Me.

Finally, their fourth LP “Gaia & Friends” was released on the 1st of March, 2019. And the 28th of November they have published a new single, “By Your Side”, together with the Norwegian pop singer Dagny.

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