Danza Invisible

‘Danza Invisible’ was founded in Málaga in 1981. The band started off with three components: Ricardo Texidó on the drums, Manuel Rubio at the rhythm guitar and Chris Navas on the bass.
Later on, they were joined by the guitarist Antonio Gil and the vocalist Javier Ojeda.

Danza Invisible was officially discovered as a band when they won the first prize at a music festival organized by the town hall of Jeréz (Cádiz). There was more than one headhunter among the audience and subsequently they got offered to record a single. These where the first steps to their initial contracts.

Their music style could be compared to bands like U2 or Simple Minds, mainly due to its instrumental quality. Although in time they would adapt to more Latin rhythms.

Their first album appeared under the title of “Contacto Interior”, but the real success arrived later, with their second record “Maratón”, which contained the song “El club del alcohol”, the song with which they usually end their concerts.

The next album brought them a more commercial success. The album named “A tu alcance” included songs like “Reina del Caribe”, “A este lado de la Carretera” or “Sabor de amor”.

Danza Invisible has become one of Spain’s most veteran bands and they keep collecting successes after their twenty-year journey on stage.

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