León Benavente

Many general and specialized media have included León Benavente’s third album “Vamos a volvernos locos” (Warner Music, 2019) in their lists of best records of the past year.

Vamos a volvernos locos is to be found in some of the most important lists of general media such as “Babelia from El País”, where they are listed on the first position in the category of best national pop-rock record and where they point out that the band has found in this record a “grade of excellence”; besides from the journal El Mundo (chosen by Tomás Fernando Flores from Radio 3) or the newspaper ABC. The section Fuego and Chinchetas from the radio station Cadena SER has chosen “Como la piedra que flota” to be the best song of 2019.

Vamos a volvernos locos is also to be found in privileged positions on rating lists of some specialized media such as Efe Eme, where they occupy the first position. Or the magazine Mondo Sonoro, who carried León Benavente on their cover and listed them among the top 10 best records of the year. They also stand out on another musical media, Jenesaispop, who claims that León Benavente “assures themselves, once again, a spot among the best bands of the country due to this third album”. Besides, León Benavente’s last record is the best album of the year according to the audience of Bi FM and is one of the favourites between the audience of Disco Grande from Radio 3. The readers from Mondo Sonoro have also chosen this band as one of the most important bands of the year and their life shows as one of the most outstanding of their context. They have also entered into the selection of other programes of Radio 3, such as 180 Grados or Na Na Na.

Many specialized digital media have also pointed them out amongst the most important albums of the past year. Finally, León Benavente finds themselves among the finalists for the award “Premio Ruido 2019” an award to the best record of the year, presented by PAM (Periodistas Asociados de la Música).

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