Niños mutantes

“The time has come to speak the truth, to lay the cards on the table”, sang Niños Mutantes in their song “Palabras para julio” (Ernie Records, 2019). And it’s not a threat, it’s a warning on what will be their new album, showing that the band is in constant movement, in constant mutation.
We are facing the first impressions of “Ventanas” (“Windows”), an album that will be released in March 2020 and that has been recorded with a particular method: The band has worked with five different producers (all recognized and recognizable), in five different timings of this year, addressing the production and the “mutant” sound from as many perspectives as producers names will appear on their work.

The foretaste “Palabras para julio” (to be translated as “Words for July”) has been produced by Ángel Luján, the prestigious producer and sound engineer who had previously worked with bands like Vetusta Morla, Enrique Morente, Xoel López o Maga, among many others. Luján has produced two songs of the album “Ventanas”, the upcoming record of Niños Mutantes.

In this first taste, the lyrics of an anti-summer-song talk about lonely people who find themselves trapped in the overheated cement of large cities. The songs includes some borrowed verses and a tribute in its title to “Palabras para Julia” by the poet José Agustín Goytisolo that became mythical (and is responsible for many baptized Julia’s) thanks to the voice of Paco Ibáñez. The particularity in this Niños Mutantes song, lies in the fact that there are no electric guitars used in this “Palabras para julio”.

This first single, recorded in Karlos Díaz’s studio in La Vega de Granada last April, is the first step of an album that will open new windows on the Niños Mutantes record, but without losing the most representative brandmarks of one of the most important independent Spanish bands.

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