Novedades Carminha

Directly from Tangier to your heart, the flight of Novedades Carminha touches mainland with “Ultraligero” (Ernie Records, 2019). The fifth disc of the quartet of Compostela is an outbound and return flight through the musings of dance music, but also their largest hits recompilation up to today: a devotional and absolutely unprejudiced pop, which will undoubtedly mean a change of paradigm of a band that is willing to win the Champions League of pop.

“Ultraligero” was recorded almost completely in the studio “La Mina” in Sevilla (except for the song “Ya no te veo”, which was recorded in “Estudios Mans”), produced by Raúl Pérez and the band itself. They recorded the album in different phases, during the first semester of 2017 they recorded “Te quiero igual” and it wasn’t until the last production phase, at the beginning of December 2018. It took them nearly one and a half year to record this concept album that evolves around dance music, a compilation of singles and the most solid and coherent repertoire of Novedades Carminha up until this date.

The hit album “Campeones del mundo” moved the band away from the mainstream and led them to big success, selling out large concert halls and participating in the most important festivals held in the country, besides from giving their first concerts abroad, in American territory. The follow up album “Ultraligero” is expected to double this success and bring a touch of ‘bad boy romanticism’ to the dance floor (“chulitos por fuera, blanditos por dentro”, to be translated as “Bad boys on the outside, soft on the inside”, says the band in one of their lyrics).

With a controlled endangered atmosphere, between hooligan and sensible (in one hand a torch, in the other a bouquet of flowers), Novedades Carminha approaches dub music, rumba, funk-soul, cumbia, disco, chiptune, hip-hop or dancehall, creating a new Novedades Carminha brand present in every one of their performances, whether it’s a repertoire for a collective choir at massive festivals or a performance at village parties. Signing a songbook with related and unexpected allies; we can hear the voices of artists such as Dellafuente, Esteban & Manuel, Erik Urano or the actress and model Alba Galocha at four of eleven tracks.

The inspiration to the album Ultraligero ranges from “Romancero gitano” to Babmino, the wild love of the melodic song, the “boleros” or salsa and proposals from Mano Negra, The Clash or the Beastie Boys. Novedades Carminha are the Benjamin Button of their generation: they are getting younger with the years.

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