Two Door Cinema Club

The first decade of the 2000s was extremely prolific amongst artists; new bands kept appearing although many of them dissolved in time. But not all of them. The Anglo-Saxon musical trio Two Door Cinema Club is one of the survivors.

Since then, they have grown to become a successful band in a music style that is continuously changing. Now this Irish band is back with a new album, the fourth of their discography, which will be released on the 21st of June. After a three-year wait since Gameshow, we will now be able to enjoy their new work. Recorded between London and Los Angeles and produced by Jacknife Lee, False Alarm arrives this year with different sound keys and a new and surprising stylistic turn.

In a statement to NME back in 2017, they had already predicted that their next album was going to be an adventure. New styles and different work as opposed to wat they had been doing up until now. And they have kept their promise. Fortunately for us fans, they are back and it’s a big comeback.

Slightly setting aside their guitars, they are now prioritizing the electronic sounds of synthesizers and putting the focus on the keyboard. A very colorful and striking music, with a vintage style and the characteristic ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ rhythm.

It’s all about pop songs, catchy lyrics, danceable rhythms and a big deal of irony in their lyrics. Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird are coming back with a funky record, eighties sounds and an extra dosage of synth pop.

Through its ten tracks, False Alarm analyzes the social and environmental issues of our present time using the language of irony and humor. Using an innovative pop style as guiding thread, and borrowing elements of pop, disco, rock, funk and soul they have given this new record their own personal touch.

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