Zahara is considered one of the most important references of the Spanish indie industry, born in Úbeda, 1983, with over 20 years of music career, 4 published albums and numerous collaborations with important figures of the music industry (Love of Lesbian, La habitación roja, The New Raemon, Maga, Niños Mutantes, Mis Caffeína, Carlos Sadness…).

She started her career composing her first song when she was only 12 years old. Her debut album, auto-edited in 2005, was “Día 913”. After that, she released “La Fabulosa historia de…” in 2009, thanks to which she reached popularity, and that included the song “Merezco” official song to the Vuelta Ciclista a España of that year.

In 2011 Zahara publishes her work “La pareja tóxica” produced by Ricky Falkner. The introducing single “Leñador y la Mujer América” ends up becoming a médium-length film that combines her passion for music and the audiovisual.

In 2015 she releases “Santa” signed by her own record label G.O.Z.Z Records. This album with 11 new tracks, plus a bonus track with rare pieces and different versions of live recordings occupied the first positions in the chart of the most sold in Spain during the following weeks to its release. She presented the album along Spain and several European and Mexican cities.

Apart from her role as a singer, Zahara has also published two books (“Semaforismos y Garabatonías” in 2014 and Trabajo, piso, pareja in 2017). She has also participated regularly in the TV show “Likes” from Movistar Plus, the radio show “Hoy por Hoy” from the “Cadena SER” and some videoclips and theatrical productions.

In addition, in 2018, she has leaded the program “Canciones que cambiaron el mundo” that will be broadcasted at Movistar+. In this documentary series of #0, she and other artists cover and analyze some of the songs that, in time, have become hymns to social movements against racism and in favor of social rights, feminism…

Also, in 2018 she has published two projects. The first EP a first season of four versions of well-known songs belonging to diverse television series. And “Astronauta” her latest studio album that will be launched soon and will consist of 10 new songs and 10 rare editions. This new disc has been produced by Matthew Twaties and recorded in Wales during July, 2018. If in Santa the religious images where the leitmotiv, in this album it will be space travels that will serve as guiding thread of the complete album.

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